7 Signs Indicating Credit Card Use Incorrect


Do you prefer to use credit cards in your purchases? Instead of paying cash, are you going to plastic cards that you see as a kind of savior? Well, do you know how much you are moving towards this preference?

Okay, we know that almost everyone today uses credit cards. There is nothing wrong with this when it is used correctly! But unfortunately, when we look at the credit card victims around us, we can not say that this popular form of spending has been done very well. We reach the result that most people do not know how to use a credit card when we think of debts that can not be repaid, increased the limits and become risky cards, seizure files, financial troubles and more. So, which side are you on this? So are you really sure that your credit card usage is correct? If you are; conscious consumers who should be congratulatedAre you between. But if you are not; I suggest you take the following frequent mistakes and take your precautions about the use of credit cards.

You are paying the debt of your debt!

If you do not want to suffer bankruptcy due to your credit card debts , you should really pay attention to the signs you will see now. If you are carrying one or more of the signs in the list, you may have trouble in the future. That is why; you should examine all the items in the list in detail, from paying the minimum amount of your debt to the other mistakes. E.g; like the mistake of paying your debts!

Yes, you may prefer to pay asgaris instead of paying the entire debt like many others. Rather; I can not pay all of your debt because you do not have money . But I think that you should know if you have to pay interest in this way and you have caused your debts to multiply where you stopped. So you should give up this bad habit as soon as possible and ask your bank if you need to ask for the installment of your total debt.

You are late or incomplete depositing your credit card debt!

Look at the credit card victims around you! How do you make mistakes? They do not think about the money to be credited to their credit cards in their wallets, they spend extra money, and when the bill comes up, they say, “I spent so much on what I spent.” Thenthey are suffering fromdebt that is not fully invested or paid on time. So you see; If you do not deposit your credit card debt on the day and exactly, then you are doing one of the biggest mistakes you can make in this matter. Because in both cases the bank is trading on debt, that is, interest is applied.

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